Build Your Own Micro Economy

25 Nov 2021 AEDT

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On-line Workshop Fair Shares Commons with Graham Boyd and Narara Ecovillage

Are you interested in new economy models?

The idea of a FairShares Commons Company emerged from the work of Graham Boyd and Jack Reardon, and the consultancy company Evolutesix.

Narara Ecovillage is trialling the Fair Shares model in its educational outreach program. This enables the many stakeholders at the village to receive reward from the activities, including
* presenters
* administrators
* organisers
* all members of the community
* students
* volunteers
* the natural environment

Come and hear the nuts and bolts of how this process is playing out in real time.
Experienced start-up founder and corporate innovation manager, Graham Boyd has extensive experience with the complexity of leading business and is driven to make a difference through innovation that enables businesses and people to do more with less friction.

Stemming from the realisation that the climate crisis on its own will not catalyse the transformative action at a fundamental level needed to make business an 'intrinsic force for good', the mission of evolutesix is to help people build WHOLE, connected economic models (not disconnected business models); ecosystems of inherently regenerative startups, teams, and people; all making tomorrow's world whole by solving our biggest challenges.

Learn about a groundbreaking economic model that turns economic rationalism on its head
Explore how this might change your organisations
Discover how to use the Fair Shares mix deck that includes all stakeholders

Online Workshop Nov 25th AEDT 7 pm to 9 pm = UK 8am to 10am GMT = CET 9am - 11am

*Standard entry $30
*Narara Eco Living Network members $20
* Concession $15
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